History since 1920

Ours is a long story that starts with grandfather Arturo in 1920

Ours is a long story, which starts with grandfather Arturo in 1920, to then continue with dad Tedy in the period 1953 - 1986 and with the current third generation of Walter Tomio and his wife Anna Rita. Our job is to dedicate ourselves with boundless passion to always develop new creations of high quality chocolate, as well as naturally leavened high-end Panettoni and Pandori.
You can find our products for sale at our Rovereto store (250 square metres of chocolate, wines and delicacies) or in some select restaurants, hotels and taste boutiques in Italy. Alternatively, you can order them directly by email or phone and we will deliver them to you.
At the same time, we are committed to spreading a culture of quality chocolate through courses and evening workshops throughout Italy.

Find out how to taste our Chocolate

Chocolate, like all that is precious, requires attentive listening and a spirit of discovery
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