The City of Rovereto

The home of culture

Suspended between avant-garde and tradition, Rovereto awaits you for a dive into historical and contemporary culture: the Mart and Depero Futuristic House of Art, Historical Museum of War and Bell ot the Fallen, The Civic Museum and Palazzo Alberti Poja.

Casa Depero

The Depero Futurist House of Art, located in the heart of the historic centre of Rovereto, is the only museum founded by a futurist (Depero himself, who personally took care of every detail), with the desire to overthrow every hierarchy in the arts and add a touch of novelty to the museum world.
The building, brought back to life by the Mart, now houses about 3,000 objects, including paintings, drawings, inlays in cloth, graphics and toys, left by the artist to the city, exhibited in rotation

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Bell of the Fallen

Built in 1924 with the melted bronze of the guns of the nations that took part in the First World War, it is the largest bell in the world that sounds in expanse. Its hundred strikes, which spread every evening throughout the valley, are a warning to man for peace. Located today on the Miravalle hill, it dominates the entire valley, and allows you to appreciate evocative and exciting landscapes. With a pleasant walk, you can also reach the monumental Shrine of Castel Dante, which preserves the remains of twenty thousand soldiers.

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