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Historic company of Rovereto was first established in 1920 by Arturo and later expanded by dad Tedy and mother Giuliana in 1952.

Today the company is the third generation with Walter Tomio, who has created the brand and the EXQUISITA product line, giving shape to his dream of making Rovereto happy with a sublime chocolate. This dream is now making not only the inhabitants of Rovereto smile, but also thousands of customers throughout Italy, Europe and in some cases even in the US and Australia.

Our work consists in the production of high-end chocolate and leavened products, in the development of prototypes and in the marketing of our products through the following channels:

Rovereto Point of Sale

Free delivery on all online order

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Boutique del gusto

In a few, very select boutiques of taste in Italy and in Europe

We are also very committed to the dissemination of a quality-chocolate culture through lessons / tastings called "On the chocolate routes", aimed at schools of all levels and organised groups. These meetings are held by Walter Tomio, a professional trainer who over the last 20 years has taught courses for the Academy of Enterprise, the European Culture Exhibition in Venice, the Expo of Taste in Milan, Confcommercio and many other institutions, with more than 5,000 students throughout Italy and in Montreal (Canada).

The external packaging of our products is handled by the social cooperative "Il Punto d'Approdo", as part of the "Formichine" project. In this way, we generate an economic benefit also for this activity, which deals with creating work and social reintegration opportunities for women who have had the misfortune of experiencing difficult situations.


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